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side lateral raise

This is since side lateral raises target that mostly sophisticated to hit lateral shoulder head, which is the three most crucial shoulder heads to develop when you truly want to maximize your overall delt width and thickness. The truth is that most lifters make a ton of key errors on this exercise that greatly reduce its muscle building effectiveness and increase its injury risk potential at the same time, while a side lateral raise might look like a rather general movement on the surface.

It is in this post I'm going to outline the 7 biggest mistakes that I see folks making in the gym on their side lateral raises along with easytofollow tips to solve them.

side lateral raise

I'm continually surprised at how many anybody make this one substantial but crucial mistake when performing this exercise, this would go with no saying.

Definitely, thereafter, keep a tiny bend in your knees and lean slightly forward then, instead of standing with your upper torso completely upright through the exercise. Now pay attention please. Standing too far upright shifts pull straight onto the anterior shoulder head and reduces the activation of the side delts.

Aim to keep completely a slight bend in your elbows and raise your upper arms out to your sides instead of out in front of your torso, to virtually stimulate the side delts specifically and build up your overall shoulder width and thickness as successfuly as feasible. You will usually aim to keep your core gentle and tight on virtually any exercise you perform in the gym.

It is doing so needs your spinal erectors equation out as well as helps to prevent your upper torso from swaying backward as you raise the weights up. Test this one and get it nailed down and you'll feel a vast difference in your potential to contract your side delts on every rep.

So, what you're really doing is performing external rotation of your shoulder joint instead of shoulder intended movement abduction, when you raise the weights up and end every rep with your hands higher compared to your elbows. This mostly happens thence of trying to heave up a weight that is too heavy.

As a consequence, with intention to ensure that the side delts are performing the work bulk, often figure out if your hands and elbows are immediately in straight with eachother as you raise the weights up. OK, the tension leaves the shoulder lateral head and is shifted onto your upper traps later, when your upper arms travel past this position.

Furthermore, you'll still be better off to raise your upper arms up until they're parallel to the floor no higher, while not as crucial a mistake as quite a few previous ones I've outlined. This is somewhat of a bonus tip, as it's not necessarily a mistake to perform your side lateral raises with dumbbells.

Anyways, the cause of this is plain simple. Remember, at the movement bottom when you're merely holding the weights out in front of you, there's nearly no stress on the shoulders really. Since the resistance is out to the side but not straight up and down, cable side laterals solve this and provide consistent tension on the side delts from the range really bottom of motion all the method to the top.

side lateral raise

Furthermore, since placing your elbow behind your shoulder on this movement slightly reduces the side activation delts, my recommendation here goes to perform your cable side laterals one arm at a time and to hold the attachment in front of your corps instead of behind your back. Lifting 20 pound dumbbells with textbook technique is far and away better in compare to lifting 50 pound dumbbells with sloppy form.

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I'm sure it sounds familiar. How many times per working week do you recommend to hit every delt fraction as not overtraining them? Some folks say you would rotate the dumbbell so the pinky is higher compared to the thumb. What's your opinion on that?

This places too much stress on the shoulder joint, keep your hand neutral or even tilted slightly back other way. Consequently, bending the knees and leaning forward has helped me drastically! Thanks for the tips!

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